RFI is a Request For Information.

We send this document to our clients to obtain useful information for us to discover more about their needs for us to provide better services to them or to help us assess more efficient management plans to work with them.


RFP is a Request for Proposal.

This is a document a client sends to developers with all the relevant content and specifications about the project the client is planning on having developed. The client is providing this information and requesting developers to provide a Proposal with costs and timelines based on the issued RFP.

The purpose of this is for the client to assess several developers proposals and select one to engage in the development of their project.

BlaqClouds is a little bit different.  We don't accept RFP's from potential clients. - We sent the potential clients our RFI once we have established a relationship first with the potential client and has indicated they have intentions doing business with BlaqClouds.

We are not a PROPOSAL SERVICE to be shopped all over the internet.  Its too time consuming and expensive to go through this process.